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The next two years will form a milestone in the long term progress of our club.

It is well known that A.O.R.A.A having organised 11 National Tourmnaments in Hania ,has contributed the maximum towards the promotion of out much loved sport, which was brought to Greece by the Greeks of Egypitan extraction in the 1950's. AORAA is one of the most well organised clubs in Greece with well developed facilities and its offer to the community (especially to the young), is invaluable.

Our heritage has inspred us to battle against the difficulties we experience in our day and age.

Above all, our club promotes fair play amongst our athletes, trainers and parents, and the emotional and physical health of our members. Thus with an even larger dissemination of our sport we will establish the conditions for the recognition of this sport from the Greek State according to Article 2727/99 (relating to amateur and professional sports).

Our vision is forever the dissemination of the principles of amateur sportsmanship.

The success of our aims requires the support of all: the Administrative Board, club members, local authorities and the Greek State. Looking towards the future we believe that our efforts willl bring even better results in the generations to come, imparting our values not only to the children who are educated in our facilities but also to the Greek community as a whole.

Our club is alive and needs us all.

Antonios Manarolis